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Shorten Your Orthodontic Treatment

Using the World's most Advanced Therapeutic Ultrasound System,

The Aevo System (1) (2)

Aevo System  is the future of Orthodontics as the World's most Advanced Therapeutic Ultrasound System.

The length of orthodontic treatment is determined by the body's natural ability to remodel the bone surrounding the roots of a patient's teeth when the orthodontic forces are applied.

By adding Aevo System's ultrasound to your braces or clear aligner treatment, you enhance the body's natural bone remodeling process. (5)


Using the Aevo System 20 minutes a day can redue the overall duration of  your orthodontic treatment, on average by 49%(1)

How it Works

How it Works

Aevo System is non-invasive and easy to use at home or on the go (4).  Throughout your orthodontic treatment,  Aevo System is simply placed in your mouth, over your braces or clear aligners, daily.  LIPUS (Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound) is then delivered directly to the bone surrounding the targeted teeth roots.  Aevo System stimulates osteoblast and osteoclast cells, resulting in safer and shorter orthodontic treatment. (1, 2, 3, 5)

The Simple Path to a Faster Smile


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Aevo System Works!

Patient Testimonials

Hear directly from braces or clear aligner patients, like you, who have used the Aevo System as part of

their orthodontic treatment!

Patient Testimonials
Aevo Patient Testimony #1
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Aevo Patient Testimony #1

Aevo Patient Testimony #2
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Aevo Patient Testimony #2

Aevo Patient Testimony #3
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Aevo Patient Testimony #3

Aevo Patient Testimony #4
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Aevo Patient Testimony #4

  • Where is Aevo System Available?
    Aevo System™ is regulatory-approved in Canada and the European Union. In Canada, you can get the Aevo System™ from an Aevo provider. Availability in the European Union is underway.
  • What is the Aevo System Treatment Process?
    Aevo System complements your braces and/or clear aligners. Aevo System treatment time is only 20 minutes per day and easily fits into your daily routine. The treatment steps are as follows: Apply the Aevo System Oral Ultrasound Gel to the mouthpiece. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth over your braces or clear aligners. Turn on the Aevo System to start the 20 minute treatment. The system will notify you when your daily treatment is finished, at which point, you will remove the mouthpiece from your mouth and rinse. That's it!
  • Is Aevo System safe?
    Yes! The Aevo System is the only acceleration technique that is approved by regulatory bodies that will facilitate faster tooth movement, decrease orthodontically induced tooth root resorption and shorten overall orthodontic treatment duration.
  • What is Aevo System regulatory approved for?
    The Aevo System holds Health Canada's Medical Device License (MDL) #102983 and European Union CE marking. The approved indication for Use (Therapeutic Claim) under Health Canada's MDL #102983 and under European Union CE marking states: "Regular use of the Aevo System during orthodontic treatment will facilitate faster tooth movement, decrease orthodontically induced tooth root resorption, and shorten overall orthodontic treatment duration."
  • How much is Aevo System?
    Aevo System is affordable and will be added as part of your orthodontic treatment costs. Please speak with your Aevo Provider regarding pricing and speak with your insurance provider for coverage questions.
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